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Finding your way around info4St.Helens

For an overview about how to find information on this site, please refer to the relevant topic in the expanding panels below or follow the link to the e-learning module. This will provide a brief walk through of the site.

info4St.Helens e-learning module - link to be updated soon

Home Page

info4St.Helens homepage

Info4St. Helens is our local information system and contains facts and figures about St. Helens. You can access the information on the site in more than one way:

  1. Toolbar at top of page
  2. Key Facts
  3. Picture buttons, e.g. About my Area
  4. News


Toolbar – select JSNA or Data & Resources or Assessments & Reports to take you to further information


Key Facts – to view some of the key facts about St. Helens, select the ‘View All’ button. Or select the figure associated with each fact and review the data in more detail in a data table.info4StHelens Key FactsPicture buttons – select one of these buttons to move to one of the main elements of the site, e.g. Data & Resourcesinfo4StHelens - picturesNews – we regularly post news items to keep users up-to-date with new data or changes on the site. If there is new data, we will include a link to the relevant data table.info4StHelens - Newsinfo4StHelens - hyperlinks 

Data and Resources


info4StHelens - Data & Resources


Data is organised by theme, e.g. Education and Skills. Data in this section is available as data tables or maps. There are also additional resources under each theme, e.g. links to websites or reports.

To access the data and resources, click on the relevant theme name or picture and this will present the following screen:

 info4sthelens - theme

info4StHelens - theme


Select the data table you are interested in reviewing, e.g. Working Age DWP Benefits. The table shows you the options available, e.g. you may choose to view the data for the borough of St. Helens in a table. Alternatively, you may be interested in a smaller area of St. Helens and may choose to view the data as a map (Interactive Report – Single Map) by Ward.


Data table by geography


Data and Resources - Viewing data in a table

Each table does have brief instructions about how to edit the information presented in the table. To view the instructions click the cross next to ‘Instructions’ and the information will expand, as below.

 info4sthelens - instructions


The data is shown in the table, with comparative information for reference. The table will always show the latest data stored on the system.

info4StHelens - data tableIt is possible to view earlier data. To do this, select the + + underneath 'Available Data' Available Data, e.g.

info4stHelens - data table
Tick the check boxes for the date you require and then select the button Show selected dates, e.g.

info4StHelens - data table

 The table will change and will display the required dates, e.g.
info4sthelens - tableTo return the table to the original setup, click ‘reset’.

Assessments and Reports

Information is available under five broad topics: Local Area Report, JSNA, Indices of Deprivation 2015, Economy and Growth, and Crime and Disorder. There is also a Useful Documents and Websites button, which contains links to local and national websites and various documents.
info4sthelens - assessments and reports


Local Area Report

When you select the Local Area Report button, you are presented with a series of options, enter the postcode of the area you are interested in finding information about in the box, or select a Ward or the Borough map.

info4sthelens - local area report

A report will load showing information about your area of interest. Please note, depending on the browser you are using this may take a couple of minutes. 

Each of the chapters in the report can be accessed directly via the hyperlinks at the top of the report.

It is also possible to view and print the report as a PDF document.

info4sthelens - profile report


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