Residents working and living in St Helens Borough are at the heart of the plan we have produced to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks.

The development of St Helens Borough Council’s Outbreak Management Plan has drawn on local knowledge, experience and expert advice. Our ultimate aim is to try to prevent outbreaks in St Helens by working closely with our local community to ensure we can enjoy our lives in a safe way.

In order to do this, St Helens has set an ambitious task to ensure we keep on top of the virus by having a Health Protection Board that meets each week and monitors the number of cases of COVID-19 we have in the borough, taking preventative action where we see cases rising.

The Health Protection Board will feed back to the Outbreak Management Board, which will be chaired by the leader of the council with political oversight of the work. The outcome of the work will be reported to the People’s Board, which is a public meeting.

While our aim is to prevent outbreaks by working together with care homes, schools, workplaces and communities to keep safe, we have to be prepared in case an outbreak is declared. This plan specifies how we will manage an outbreak and provides tools and templates to support this work.

To achieve the best results for us all in St Helens Borough, the council and our partners will continue to work with communities, workplaces, schools and care homes. We are St Helens Together.

Please refer to the St.Helens Borough Council Covid-19 Outbreak Management Plan for more details.