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Variant Household Projections: 2016 based inc Local Authorities

16 May 2019

The Centre for Ageing and Demography have released

Varient Household Projections for England.

These variant household projections do not replace the previously published 2016-based principal household projections. Instead, they should be used alongside the principal projections and have been created to offer users a range of alternate scenarios to illustrate the consequences of particular sets of assumptions. Four variant household projections have been produced in this release; three show alternative assumptions of migration (following on from the release of the variant subnational population projections on 9 April 2019) and one is a continuous projection of the household representative rates (HRRs), which were held constant from 2022 onwards in the principal household projection. The release includes an article highlighting the most notable differences between the principal projection and the variant projections, a set of summary tables and a set of detailed data tables for use in modelling and analysis.

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