What is info4St.Helens?

Info4St.Helens is a one stop shop for facts and figures about local communities and neighbourhoods in St. Helens. It provides quick and easy access to data, reports and interactive charts and maps for use by the Council, Local Strategic Partners, and the general public.

How often is data updated?

Data on info4StHelens is updated within 2-3 days of publication by a national verified source, e.g. Office for National Statistics, Public Health England, etc. The data may add to previous datasets or provide new data. If you have a specific query regarding the next update of certain data then please contact us to discuss this.

Why is some data more recent than others?

We receive data from a number of different sources. Some is updated more regularly than others largely depending on the method of collection and original source. We aim to ensure that all data available via info4St.Helens is the most up to date information that is available to us.

Why can’t I get data about my street or neighbourhood?

Information is collected at a number of different geographic areas depending upon the original purpose for collecting the data. Sometimes information is restricted because making data available at small geographic areas might remove the anonymity of individuals and could breach Data Protection laws. We aim to make as much data available at neighbourhood level if possible.

Can reports be printed?


The Overview reports, which provide data on a particular theme and are found under the Data & Resources menu can be printed. Select the printer icon at the top of the report to print.

The Local Area Reports can also be printed.