The 2016-based Household Projections for England by household type were published yesterday and are available to download from this link: Household Projections for England – household type projections: 2016 based.

The 2016-based household projections provide statistics on the potential future number of households in England and its local authorities up to 2041. They show the household numbers that would result if the assumptions based in previous demographic trends in population and household formation were to be realised in practice.

Household population projections are published every two years. These latest projections supersede the 2014-based household projections.

In brief the projections show that:

  • The number of households in St. Helens is projected to increase by 10%, approximately 8,000 households, to 85,901 households in 2041 .
  • The number of one person households in St. Helens is projected to increase by 21% between 2016 and 2041, which compares to a 26% increase in England.
  • In St. Helens, by 2041, there will be 29,000 one person households.
  • The number of households with dependent children is projected to broadly remain the same between 2016 and 2041, with around 24% of households having dependent children.
  • Almost all the projected increase in households in St. Helens by 2041 will be due to increases in one person or multiple adult households without dependent children. This increase will be largely driven by increases in the number of adults aged over 75 years, and living on their own. This pattern differs slightly from England, which projects an increase in the over 65 population living alone.
  • By 2041, the number of households in St. Helens with people aged over 85 years is expected to more than double from 3,000 to 7,000 households.